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Well, here I am at The Brick again, crammed in the humid dressing room while a show in The Antidepressant Festival techs in the space. They were supposed to stop about a half-hour ago, but as the theatre is free until 6.00 pm, and I have no other real plans for the rest of the afternoon, apart from going home and getting some more rest before seeing Doctors Jane & Alexander tonight in The Festival of Jewish Theater and Ideas at Theater Three, and the group here could use the time to get this show teched right, I feel I should stay here and let them keep working.

This year's Festival is, as far as all of here can see, a rather fine fine superfine group of shows, and I feel especially responsible to go an extra mile over the usual extra miles to make every single show shine like a polished jewel, if I can.

(this show is, as I now write, at an HOUR past scheduled time however, and I'm beginning to get a tad antsy, as it doesn't sound all that close to wrapping up . . . {sigh})

As for the shows I designed light for, Infectious Opportunity was altogether quite excellent, and ...and the fear cracked open (which I'm also running the board for) was pretty, sweet and painful. I haven't yet been able to see a final performance of Adventure Quest or The Tale of the Good Whistleblower of Chaillot's Caucasian Mother and Her Other Children of a Lesser Marriage Chalk Circle yet, but will get to them next week.

People are enjoying the shows, and thus far we're doing good with the reviews at, which has 5 positive reviews for the 5 shows reviewed thus far (and I'm REALLY looking forward to seeing the well-reviewed Samuel & Alisdair: A Personal History of the Robot War -- I was here for most of their tech, and what I saw and heard there completely blew me away).

Otherwise, yesterday I participated in a test runthru of Suspicious Package: RX, which went fairly well (some tech problems to be sorted out; the reason for the test run), then I participated in a reading of a new, crazy play by Marc Spitz going up at The Kraine sometime soon (a lot of fun - I showed up thinking I'd be reading a small part, and was given a much larger and funnier one as an actor didn't show up - I think I did okay, though I can't really do a Russian accent all that well). And last night we rehearsed Blood on the Cat's Neck with some efficiency and productiveness, though I have now lost two actresses from the cast to better-paying gigs, another couldn't show up due to work, and another was sick, so the four actors I had left and I did what we could, which was enough.

I was going to go on up to New England tomorrow for a family gathering, but it's been called off, so instead a kinda get my first full day off in a while, which I'll spend going to the big yearly Daniel McKleinfeld/Maggie Cino birthday bash for those of us with June birthdays. I intend to kick back, drink and eat heartily, and play a lot of Rock Band.

Then I have nine hours of rehearsing two different shows on Sunday.

As for now, they're clearing out of the theatre, and I have to be sure everything's going back in place correctly. I'll have to do the Random Ten from home later, too, as I have no player of any kind here. Back in a while . . .

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Well, tonight, The Brick's Antidepressant Festival opens. Hooray!

I've been at the space for many, MANY hours every day since Monday working to get the space and some of the shows together for yer dining and dancing pleasure. I'm very tired, but fairly satisfied at this point. We're just about completely ready for everything. Except that I have to have the space's five stage cubes (the ones Berit and I built for Magnificent Ambersons) painted black by tomorrow, and I have no idea when I can get this done. I'll be booking over there shortly to see if I can do it while techs and other prep are going on.

The space got put back together in great shape by a crew of Bricklayers (the theatre's helpers) on Monday night. Tuesday night we teched Theatre Askew's The Tale of the Good Whistleblower of Chaillot's Caucasian Mother and Her Other Children of a Lesser Marriage Chalk Circle, which went well, though, as expected, a bit late. My lights look pretty good. I was a bit unhappy briefly by being asked to do some particularly ugly things (the framing device of the show is played in massive bright flat front light, ugh), but they actually wound up looking "correct" when contrasted with the more parodic body of the show -- and I enjoy getting to do "parody" lights ("Okay, now do a bad version of Mother Courage . . . okay now do some bad musical theatre lighting . . .").

Wednesday, there was a bright-n-early morning tech for Afternoon Playland's 2012: A New Dawn -- I didn't design that one, but I was there to supervise and all looked good.

Then I spent most of the day pre-programming cues for the evening's tech, Adventure Quest, which is both a simple and hard show to light. Simple in that the actual looks are pretty basic and easy to make look good. Hard in that there are projections going through the whole show, and we'd like to wash them out from being visible on the actors' bodies (given our space and where we have to have the projector), and doing that sometimes means pumping the lights up to a level where they stop looking good. I think I wound up splitting the difference okay (I still have to go in and fix some of the cues to make them work right).

Adventure Quest went really really long, especially for me as I'd gotten less than four hours sleep the previous two nights and had been at the space since 9 am. After the cue-to-cue, there was a run, which didn't get started until a bit later than planned, and I wound up sleeping through most of it. Well, my lights looked okay in the cue-to-cue, they should be fine. Got home sometime after 2 am.

Yesterday, Michael Gardner supervised Matt Freeman's Glee Club during the day, then I came in and pre-programmed again, this time for that evening's tech of Infectious Opportunity from Nosedive. It was a fast, well-organized evening -- they came in and did a rehearsal of the many complex set changes while I showed my cues to Pete, the director, and he passed them or worked with me to fix them, then they did a cue-to-cue and we were out by midnight.

Well, except I discovered I'd left the car's lights on when I arrived that afternoon and my battery was dead. Luckily, AAA had someone there really fast, and I got home in time to get a hair more sleep than I had been this week.

So I'm extremely happy with the shows I'm seeing, and pretty happy with my own lights for them. There are bits of Whistleblower and Adventure Quest where I may wince a little, but I did the best that I think could be done there with the space, the equipment, and a Festival house plot. The Nosedive show looks maybe a little better than that, and they were much appreciative (the first two shows really REQUIRED me to go all out and be wonderful just to make the lights work on any basic level; Infectious could have gotten by with much simpler work, but I think I gave them more than they imagined, and they seemed very grateful).

So, what do I see all around in the Antidepressant Festival? Comedies and "feel-good" shows that don't really feel all that good. Bitter, nasty, angry, and very VERY funny comedies masquerading as palliatives. Please come and enjoy.

Today, I have our main iPod again instead of Berit, as it might be needed for music at the party after the Opening Night Cabaret, so I'm able to listen to a Random Ten from the 25,596 tracks on this one . . .

1. "Until Yesterday" - JC Chasez - download
2. "Firing Squad" - Subhumans - Firing Squad 7"
3. "Jagged Time Lapse (BBC version)" - John's Children - Smashed Blocked
4. "Computer Date" - Suburban Lawns - Suburban Lawns
5. "I Bet You They Won't Play This Song On The Radio" - Monty Python - The Final Rip Off
6. "Coconut" - Harry Nilsson - Nilsson Schmilsson
7. "Sweet Dreams" - Steve Harley & Cockney Rebel - The Psychomodo
8. "In A Hurry" - Shawn Lee's Ping Pong Orchestra - Ubiquity Studio Sessions Vol.3—Strings & Things
9. "Don't Eat Stuff Off The Sidewalk" - The Cramps - Psychedelic Jungle
10. "Weird Cornfields" - David Thomas & The Pale Orchestra - Mirror Man - Act 1: Jack & The General

In the midst of all this tension, exhaustion, and craziness, sometimes you need to relax. I relax with YouTube . . .

Here's a two-minute clip from an art installation in L.A. that looped several short sections of Star Trek: The Wrath of Khan just before and after William Shatner let loose with his classic yell of . . . well, you know (I think the full piece ran 15 hours). Meditating on everything going on in the Shatman's face in these short sections can be very relaxing . . .

Also relaxing . . . baby tiger cubs . . .

And for humor relaxation, here's one o' them "Literal Music Video" memes sweeping the internets. Everyone's posting the new "Total Eclipse of the Heart" one (which IS pretty funny), and there's no loger a good copy of the original "Take On Me" one (still my favorite), so here's a lesser-seen one, as done by The Fab Four. or not quite:

Okay, now I'm back off to the theatre to paint some boxes black. Ah, art!

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So the Summer Festival next year at The Brick - June 5 to 28, 2009 - will be . . .

The Antidepressant Festival

The home page is HERE - with little info on it as yet, of course, but the Festival announcement video is up there, and worth seeing if you haven't.

The application page, with the guidelines for what we're looking for in shows for the Fest, can be found HERE.

Remember, Sunshine Equals Puppies.


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