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The Fight Fest is in full swing at The Brick, and is now what is taking up much of Berit's and my time, though now that it's open, the time is a bit more spread out, as the techs are mostly over, so usually B and I just have either one show to run or one house managing shift every day. I have to be here (and HERE at The Brick is where I am right now) tomorrow morning for a tech, but I think that (apart from a cabaret) that's the last tech of the Fest to be supervised.

Today, I'm here because a school in Greenpoint has rented the space out from 9 am to 3 pm so that several classes of 9th-grade students who have been creating scenes in class can come in and present them to each other in an actual theatrical setting. So I'm here as space monitor, which is fine (I get paid), except for not getting to sleep until 3 am last night (after opening Ninja Cherry Orchard, which was a lot of fun). Very tired. Nice to see the kids doing this theatre work -- granted, maybe only a third of them are at all interested, but they're doing it.

I am fighting to stay awake right now, so I can be a good monitor, and I could use some loud music in my ears, so here's another week's Random Ten out of 25,239 in the iPod, with links to some of the songs/artists:

1. "Eye Know" -- De La Soul -- 3 Feet High and Rising
2. "So Much (1967 version)" - Night Shadows -- The Psychedelic Years
3. "319" -- Prince -- The Dawn - Act 2
4. "You! Me! Dancing!" -- Los Campesinos! -- Hold On Now Youngster
5. "Will She Meet the Train in the Rain?" -- Greg Perry -- One for the Road
6. "Exile" - Enya -- Watermark
7. "Sun Kissed Chicks" -- Jean-Jacques Debout -- The Music Library by Jonny Trunk
8. "Cool" - TOKIO -- News
9. "Need a Little Lovin'" -- Dean Carter -- Pebbles volume 6 - Chicago 1
10. "I Dreamed I Saw St. Augustine" -- Bob Dylan -- John Wesley Harding

Still no new cat photos due to stolen camera, but here's a few videos of recent interest (if you're seeing this on Facebook, you'll have to go back to the original post to see them.

Here, old friend Art Wallace premieres his new online reality show, Spirit Seekers:

Some clips of Cleveland horror host Ghoulardi:

Woolworth record commercials from 1971 and 1980:

And finally, a little inexplicable adaptation of Star Trek: The Next Generation:

Ah, after rehearsing all morning, the kids are now doing their scenes for their teachers, other classes and parents/guests. They're doing their best -- many of them are shy and reading quietly from scripts, hating being on stage completely, but a few are more natural performers, and watching them get into it when they get audience reaction for the first time, and what it does for them, is very heartening. Maybe one or two of them will want to keep with it, at least part time. I hope so.

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