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Well, Spacemen from Space ended on Sunday, and Devils started its last run of four shows last night. Just three more, tonight through Sunday.

And all is well. For all I wrote last time about "mistakes" and so forth, as a friend said to me in an email full of praise for Devils, you wouldn't know it from the front of house, and it's a hell of a show. Well, yes. Just have to remember that. It was such an incredible, stress-filled hassle getting up that I tend to forget that we DID get it up, and rather well (after a shaky opening night).

Everyone seems to be having a good time doing the show now, too, for the most part (it's still incredibly crowded and hot backstage, of course, so that's a real cause for and of complaint). Last night, though, was one of those "we haven't done the show for 5 days" shows, with some real rough edges - slow cues, paraphrased or dropped lines, etc. Nothing that would be hugely noticed from the house, but apparent to us on stage. I had gone in early to set up and work on my performance, and felt pretty good, but got thrown myself by strange lines being thrown at me. At least my fake facial hair stayed on for the most part (the beard began going at one point, but I got offstage and fixed it in time). I think the rest of the weekend will be back up to speed (though I will continue to worry about my fake hair).

Certainly Christian Toth, who jumped into a not-insubstantial role with two days prep last night (and excellently, too), enjoyed himself and the show, not that he got to be a part of it, so probably it's terrific if you didn't go through the worst parts of making it. This happens sometimes.

Oh, Berit and I SO want to leave town for a while when this is all over, but we are stuck here helping run The NY Clown Theater Festival opening later this week and running through the end of the month. Well, we should be here anyway, as there are family matters connected with the last entry that really require our help in NYC for another month at least. But then we won't have much time between the end of Clown and the start of our work on UTC#61's production of Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? at 3 Legged Dog, which, it turns out, will also keep us from going away during Thanksgiving as we had hoped. {sigh}

Guess it's nice to be getting the work done, but sometimes I wish it was s p a c e d o u t a bit more . . .

And here's this week's Random Ten, from the playlist of 2,816 tracks on the iPod that have never been played on the device (a larger number than last week, as I realized I haven't added anything to the playlist since February, and there were plenty of songs in the category):

1. "I Don't Know Why" - Yoko Ono - Onobox 5: No, No, No
2. "This Girl's In Love With You" - Marva Whitney - It's My Thing
3. "Free Four" - Pink Floyd - The Pop Side of The Floyd 1967-1972
4. "That's All Right" - Arthur "Big Boy" Crudup - Roots of Rock n Roll
5. "Slightly Drunk" - Squeeze - Cool For Cats
6. "Lil' Red Riding Hood" - Sam The Sham & The Pharaohs - Monster Rock 'N Roll Show
7. "Bongo" - Slim Gaillard - Laughing In Rhythm, #2 - Groove Juice Special
8. "Race Against Time" - Public Enemy - download
9. "Secrets" - Mission Of Burma - Vs.
10. "Not Fade Away (live 1966)" - The Rolling Stones - So Much Younger Than Today (Honolulu 07.28.66)

Huh, two weeks in a row where the iPod's thrown up some Marva Whitney in the #2 slot (James Brown producing a Bacharach/David song here no less). Here's the video playlist of the above (or as close as I could get -- couldn't get the Slim Gaillard or the exact original Yoko, but the Rolling Stones bootleg track was there, go figure):

Hey, haven't had a cat photo here for a bit, so here's one I just took now -- grainy but sweet picture of Hooker having a nap . . .
Hooker Nap

And now, off to a rest period before tonight's show . . .

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Yup, I missed last week's update, right? I don't even have the time to go back and check.

The combined attempt to continue to write, rehearse, schedule, plan, and publicize the two August shows has resulted in being behind in all departments. However, we're beginning to pull out of it and leap ahead. Next Monday, we take over the theatre, and will be working out of there most of the time. Still loads and loads to do. So, just a Random Ten this week . . .

And this week's is again from the iTunes playlist of recently acquired tracks (which could mean going back almost a year now) that haven't been listened to as yet. There's about 23 days worth of such track in there, and here's a few of them . . .

1. "The Last Time" - The Who - Benefit Single
2. "'nonymous" - The Hermits - Bo Did It vol. 17
3. "Chimacum Rain" - Linda Perhacs - Parallelograms
4. "Our Friend George" - Manfred Mann's Earth Band - Glorified Magnified
5. "Mississippi Train" - Fred Neil - Bleecker & MacDougal
6. "No Friend Around" - John Lee Hooker - The Complete John Lee Hooker vol. 3 - Detroit 1949-1950
7. "Our Love Will Still Be There" - The Troggs - From Nowhere/Trogglodynamite
8. "Mindrocker" - Fenwyck - Nuggets: Original Artyfacts From The First Psychedelic Era 1965-1968
9. "Goodnight Irene" - Bobby Charles - Walking To New Orleans: The Jewel and Paula Recordings 1964-65
10. "What Can I Do?" - Bobby Marchan - Curiosities: Ace 70's Singles & Sessions 2

And as usual, a playlist of the songs above (or, ESPECIALLY in this case, simliar ones by the same artiste)

Back to work, or maybe some breakfast . . .

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So a short, late weekly notice, as Berit and I have been entrenched in casting, or pretty much REcasting the two August shows.

As usual, we started work on the shows with a dream cast of people we knew in our heads. Usually, we only wind up getting 2/3rds to 3/4th of our dream cast, but that's fine, we cast others and move on. We're often in touch with our ideal group early on, but no one can ever commit until the couple of months before the shows. That's when we suddenly discover who we DON'T have for the shows.

Well, this year was one of those times (like with World Gone Wrong in 2007) where we discover, after getting the June show out of the way and moving on, that we are, in fact, short of the vast majority of the actors we need - which with two shows that have casts of 21 (Spacemen from Space) and 26 or 27 (Devils, depending on how I double the actors) means a LOT of seriously fast casting.

So word went out, and a general casting notice went up, and we've been doing auditions to an extent we normally don't, and which I'm not that fond of. Luckily, it's working out okay - mostly good people we'd love to use (with the usual frustrations of also seeing really good actors who are completely wrong for anything in the shows). We still haven't seen anyone for a few of the parts, but by the end of tomorrow, I think we'll be fine.

But I'm tired and need to get some sleep before the 8 solid hours of auditioning tomorrow, so I'll leave it at that.

Except of course for the Random Ten. But since I don't want to disturb the iPod playlist I've been using in the car on the way to and from the theatre, I'll do a Random Ten today from the "Recently Acquired" playlist in the iTunes on the computer. This is the playlist made up of all the music I've been gathering, much of which I've never listened to, that I'm trying to catch up on, bit by bit. Currently, this playlist consists of 9,936 tracks and lasts almost 22 days. I sometimes get to listen to up to 6 hours of it while working of an evening, but I've never seen it descend past 15 days long. Well, at least I'm trying to catch up with it. Here's what I get tonight . . .

1. "Put It Where You Want It" - The Crusaders - All Day Thumbsucker Revisited: The History Of Blue Thumb Records
2. "Town by the River" - The Units - History of The Units
3. "Holiday Ring Mold" - Katie's Kitchen - Holiday Freakout
4. "Floyd The Barber [KAOS 87]" - Nirvana - The Chosen Rejects: Broadcasts
5. "random pop" - Various Artists - The Conet Numbers Project
6. "Been Teen" - Dolly Mixture - A Reference Of Female Fronted Punk Rock 1977-89
7. "Step Lightly" - Ringo Starr - Ringo
8. "The Female Smuggler" - Rasputina - Ancient Cross-Dressing Songs
9. "I Think I'll Just Go And Find Me A Flower" - Moorpark Intersection - Soft Sounds For Gentle People: Vol. 1
10. "Telephoning Home" - Wreckless Eric - Wreckless Eric

And here's a playlist of nine of the tracks above (or something as close as I could find):

Now to go off to bed, after looking over the scripts of Spacemen from Space and Devils to remind myself of how much I love them and why I go through the hassle of making this stuff.

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In the last two days, various trips, calls, and emails have bought a cake and arranged for it to be at the wedding, settled a rehearsal schedule for the wedding-play itself, gotten the Actors Equity Showcase approval for the wedding, finalized the rights with Samuel French for performing Devils in August, put together the entire United Stages program for the wedding, conducted two on-line interviews about the wedding (one short, one VERY long, with two new follow-up questions that came in this morning yet to finish), taken the car to the mechanic for checkup, created a four-hour mix for The Brick's iPod of songs on the theme "too soon" to play between shows in the Too Soon Festival, and settled numerous other matters that have come in that I can't remember. And everything, thus far, has been falling into place incredibly well.

So it's been a GOOD couple of days of everything happening the way it should. Now I wait for the other shoe to drop. And now I also rush to get ready for the opening cabaret of the Festival tonight . . .

Here's a Random Ten for today from the playlist of unheard songs on the iPod (with video links where available):

1. "You Can Have Watergate But Gimme Some Bucks And I'll Be Straight (Parts 1 & 2)" - Fred Wesley & The JB’s - James Brown's Funky People (Part 2)
2. "I Wanna Get in Your Pants" - The Cramps - Look Mom No Head!
3. "Talkin' Loud And Saying Nothin' (Original Rock Version)" - James Brown - James Brown's Funky People (Part 3)
4. "Sittin' On A Fence" - The Rolling Stones - Flowers
5. "All Your Love" - John Mayall's Bluesbreakers - Bluesbreakers with Eric Clapton
6. "I'm With Stupid" - Pet Shop Boys - Fundamental
7. "Can You Please Crawl Out Your Window? ("Mistaken Version")" - Bob Dylan - 1965 Single
8. "Look Back In Love (Not in Anger)" - The Yachts - D.I.Y.: Teenage Kicks - UK Pop I (1976-79)
9. "We Could Be So Good Together" - The Doors - Waiting for the Sun
10. "Lady Madonna" - Os Mutantes - Rato's Nostalgia Collection 21

(Berit woke up and started her day as the second song above was playing, and suggested every song from that one on as potentially appropriate for our wedding mix . . . she's so romantic)

Wow . . . nearly found a YouTube video for the actual recording of every song on today's Random Ten! Just that one obscure Dylan single blew it. Here's a video playlist of the whole bunch, with bonus track:

And some leftover cat shots from last week. A nice picture of Hooker's fur in windowsill light:
Fur Light

And another of the boy, enjoying my foot as a chinrest and hugging support while I write:
Floor, Foot, Grain

Okay, all goes well, but all goes QUICKLY. So off to the mechanic to get the car and drive on to create some more theatre . . .


Apr. 30th, 2010 10:17 pm
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Writing, writing, writing, wedding planning, writing, planning, etc., etc., later, rinse, repeat.

It's wonderful when the bits of Spacemen from Space come together as they should. It just seems that every couple of days, I get to the point where a character enters and says . . .

Well, SHOULD say something, but even though I know the information they need to get across, I can't find the right words. The problem with writing a pastiche like this is that I'm fanatical about getting the right tones and cadences for each character, whether gangster, cowboy, g-man, alien, or supervillain -- kind of a poetic UR-tone that contains the entire FEEL of this character's type -- and when the right rhythms don't come, NOTHING works. One character, Cowboy Adam, just re-entered two days ago, and it took me a day to realize the first word out of his mouth was the very obvious "Howdy" before anything else he had to say was able to come.

Interestingly -- as I always work with music or video playing, or I can't do anything, for some reason -- while the Michael Powell and Mario Bava movies I had had on in the background worked for me (rich material that I know so well I don't have to pay any attention to it usually is the best for this, as I kinda mentioned last week), and a day of my favorite "odd" movie musicals (Phantom of the Paradise, Jacques Brel Is..., and a few others) wasn't bad, it turned out to be marathon listening to The Firesign Theatre that got me in the groove again the last two days. I had thought that their dense wordplay would be far too distracting, but it turned out to be just the pull I needed to move me forward (and kept me aware that this IS meant to be a comic/satiric pastiche, not simply an near-exact copy of a 1930s cheesy serial).

A spate of insomnia kept me up insanely late last night, and while nothing came in writing, I WAS able to cut nine pages from the Devils script. It needs about another 10 pages to go before it's a length I'll feel okay presenting (three hours including two intermissions - it's big, but it HAS to be). These nine pages were fairly easy to cut. The next ten will be heart-breaking.

And the Wedding script also moves forward slowly, but is happening, and is acceptable.

I've also been The Brick's point person on the upcoming Tiny Theater Festival which is coming together nicely, with 12 pieces in two programs. Now I have to go buy and cut the PVC pipe to make the 6' square cage all the shows have to be contained in.

And again, the Random Ten for this week comes from a specific playlist on the iPod, rather than the whole thing -- the playlist is called "A Brandnew Bag," and consists of tracks primarily from favorite artists that have not yet been played since they were put on the iPod (usually over three years ago). So here's 10 out of 3,323 in this playlist (with YouTube or other links for the song or the closest thing I could find):

1. "Wonder When You're Coming Home" - James Brown - Think
2. "The Ballad of Johnny Burma" - Mission of Burma - Vs.
3. "Frustration" - Rocket from the Tombs - Rocket Redux
4. "Feeding Time at the Zoo" - Sarah Kernochan - download from her website
5. "The Journey" - John Lee Hooker - Walking the Blues
6. "Verb: That's What's Happening" - Schoolhouse Rock - Grammar ROck
7. "Main Title" - Herbie Hancock - Blow Up
8. "Don't Defile the Sacred Mountain" - Tom X. Chao - Micro-Podcasts
9. "Let's Make It Easy" - The Parliaments (as The Fellows) - Testify! The Best of the Early Years
10. "Frog Dick, South Dakota" - Bob Martin - Midwest Farm Disaster

And here's a video playlist as close to the above as I could come . . . (if you're on Facebook, you'll have to click the link to the Original Post to see this):

Tomorrow, I'll be working again with David Finkelstein on the improvised work that he transforms into video pieces. We've been primarily working with a new form of improv this year (which David calls "landscape" as opposed to the other "musical" style we worked in before) and it took a while to find my footing in this form. Last week, though, David found an image that not only helped me find my way in this form, but I think may wind up a breakthrough in my acting in other ways.

But that's a longer story for another day. Back to work.

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More work on scripts and at The Brick, off and on, back and forth, in fits and starts.

The reading of Devils at The Brick on Sunday was terrific -- not entirely, of course; there was plenty about the script that doesn't work right now, but it was terrific to have a good reading that made the problems (and, luckily, the strengths) apparent. I learned that, yes, the script is long, but it should be long, just not quite so long. Also, that it wants to be in three acts instead of two, with two intermissions -- I couldn't see where an earlier first act break could possibly fall until we read it, and suddenly it was like it YELLED "Intermission HERE, now!"

However, to be a still-reasonable length, including two intermissions, I have to cut about a half-hour from it, which won't be all that easy -- there's plenty of things that can be easily cut and still tell the story, but they're all things about class and character that make the story more interesting. I thought I had a five-minute sequence ready to be cut going into the reading, but unfortunately, the reading proved that the scene was necessary (I still checked with many of the readers and our one audience members, who agreed on this point, as is the insistent Berit). So there's some work to do. Not horribly difficult work, I think, but work.

I'll be going up to Maine for a brief spell to focus and write, and I'm looking forward to that, but before I go I have to finish some needed repair work over at The Brick, where things are moving forward as always. Berit is staying in NYC as she runs sound on Samuel and Alasdair:
A Personal History of the Robot War
, which I barely got to see, but DID hear when it was in our Summer Festival last year. It was a damned great show then, and I'm sure it's just been improved since then.

We've been without TV at home for a month or so, which as I said was great for catching up on music listening, but now I have some things to look at, so I did what I said I would last week, and pulled down the busted one and put up the semi-busted one (I forgot how many problems the old set had) and have been watching the original Twilight Zone series from the start, which I think might actually inform the script for Spacemen from Space more than a little now, though it's a very different genre.

And meanwhile, back in the iPod, here's a Random Ten from the 25,396 in there (with associated links):

1. "Come and Join Us" - Bob Leaper and His Prophets - The Pye Story Vol.4
2. "Saved" - Bob Dylan - Saved
3. "Devo Corporate Anthem" - Devo - Duty Now For The Future
4. "Love Life And Money" - Marianne Faithfull - Strange Weather
5. "Pass the Hatchet Pts 1&2" - Roger & The Gypsies - Funky16Corners Radio v.23 - Funky Nawlins Vol 3
6. "Paint It Black" - The Animals - Winds Of Change
7. "Poop Hatch" - Captain Beefheart & The Magic Band - Bat Chain Puller
8. "Sa Radd" - Caligula's Barn - Single
9. "Birdhouse In Your Soul" - They Might Be Giants - Flood
10. "Necronomania" - Manfred Hubler & Siegfried Schwab - Vampyros Lesbos (Sexadelic Dance Party)

Not the greatest cat photos this week, but they are brand new. Here's both of them by the window:
Cats in Lights

Hooker sleeping on the leg of sleeping Berit:
Sleep on Leg

And I tried to get a nice shot of Moni, but she just wanted to hunker down in her dark fort below the desk, next to the books and Super-8 movie projector:
Moni Haz a Fort

And now onward to more Twilight Zones, or maybe A Serious Man or Godard's Histoire(s) du Cinema . . .

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And we continue that part of the year where every week is the same as the last with slightly more progression and I have so little to update each week except that the projects are all moving forward. And never as fast as I'd like them to, but whatever, they get done. So the weekly updates here will be a tad boring unless I feel like getting back to writing about recent viewing or whatever.

Actually, we haven't HAD any recent viewing in our home, as our lovely big 35" old Sony Trinitron monitor just suddenly went {BLIP} one day about ten days ago or so, shut down, and refuses to turn on again. I have another big Sony TV over at The Brick I could bring home and plug in (as well as the 13" 1973 Sony Trinitron I still have that STILL has a great picture!), but I haven't felt a great need to watch anything recently. I have a LOT of music I've acquired and not listened to -- about 16 days worth -- so I've been spending time as I write getting to know the things in my iTunes that I don't know as yet. A good thing.

The next big actual event -- other than the benefit party for Untitled Theater Co. #61 tonight at Bohemian National Hall after the performance of Rudolf II -- is the first reading of Devils on Sunday with a cast of 20 taking the parts of the ultimate cast of 28. Well, maybe I'll finally find out if the script works or not as it stands.

I am still hoping to play the central role of Grandier in the final production, which may be crazy -- it's a big part in a show that will be more than enough for me to handle as director/designer/producer, but if it's not me, I'll have to audition for someone new, as I'm just not happy with the idea of anyone I know in the part. The reading on Sunday is also for me to see if I am as fully comfortable in the role as I think. At the same time, I am frankly not in good enough physical shape to play the part right now. I've been dieting and working out, and have, thankfully, begun to see results, but it may not be enough. I'll have to decide in late April for sure if I think I can do it or not.

At first, the diet was effective, but lacking some of what I obviously needed, nutritionally, so I became a bit woozy, lethargic, and lightheaded, but with some adjustments I'm in fine shape now -- although I still would rather be hunkered down at home writing than going out, but I'm forcing myself to do that more and more so I don't become some kind of stir-crazy hermit.

And, as always, from the iPod, a Random Ten out of 25,452 in there, with associated YouTube links:

1. "Ghosts" - Strawbs - The Very Best of Strawbs: Halcyon Days (The A&M Years)
2. "Que Sera Sera" - Pink Martini - Rare On Air Vol 5, KCRW Morning Becomes Electric 1998-99
3. "Camarillo Brillo" - Frank Zappa - Overnite Sensation
4. "Rock, Sound & Vision" - Go Home Productions - GHP Complete - CD15 Trashed-The Ultimate Bootleg Rejection
5. "Faithless" - Scritti Politti - Early
6. "Dr. Fucker M.D. (Musical Deviant)" - The Cramps - Fiends of Dope Island
7. "Every Day I Feel Depressed" - Christopher Guest - The Best Of The National Lampoon Radio Hour
8. "Our Prayer/Gee" - Brian Wilson - Smile
9. "The Leaping Nuns' Chorus" - Peter Cook & Dudley Moore - Orphaned Film Songs
10. "Tzena, Tzena, Tzena" - The John Buzon Trio - Inferno!

No good cat photos this week, but here's a couple of videos I found and liked.

Ann-Margret may never have actually done an ad for Patio diet soda, but she sure did a weird-ass one for Canada Dry:

I've watched the classic clip of Roy Head doing "Treat Her Right" on Shindig QUITE a few times, and shared it before here, I'm sure. It's a HELL of a performance.

Here's another video of Roy doing the same song (lipsyncing the studio version this time) on another show, Action, from around the same time. It starts out a lot more contained, as he's on a much smaller stage, but with his hands free, he's able to do a lot more with them, so it starts as an interesting, smaller version. Then you realize there's a LOT more space in front of the stage as he decides to fill it. Nice.

Roy's still touring and still singing this song, but he doesn't dance all that much anymore -- the man is nearly 70, and I get the impression that if he can't do it the way he used to, he's not going to do some half-assed approximation. He can still belt it, though.

Oh, man, daylight savings is screwing me up -- didn't realize how late it had gotten. I have to move. The benefit tonight is meant to seem like a 17th-Century costume ball given by Rudolf II, and I literally have nothing to wear that works for this. Berit has suggested that I show up in my most raggedy, moth-eaten clothes and be a plague-ridden peasant that has crashed the party, so I may try that out . . .

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Well, we've been back home for most of this week, and as I'd hoped (and often happens), I was able to get into a productive, creative rhythm up in Maine that I'm continuing here at home.

I hope we get to go back up again for another week or two when things free up here (Berit's stage-managing a show right now), which won't be for a while. Fine by me, as I was reminded why January isn't necessarily the best time to visit Maine:
Petey After Snow

Actually, that's glib -- the snow was light and lovely, and we were warm and toasty inside. Except for the time when I had to go out driving in a snowstorm as we were out of food -- I had been waiting for the snow to stop for two days so I could go out, and it didn't. Luckily, they know how to keep roads clear in snow up there.

So I worked on the three scripts, but not as much as I'd hoped on Spacemen and Wedding. Got a good deal done on Devils though, with some help from the loaner cat we spoil up there, Bappers:
Ian & Bappers 2

Back home in Gravesend, I spread out all the cards I made up, breaking down the scenes and bits I want to use from the three versions of the Devils of Loudon story and try to find a structure that works for the production I want to do:
Structuring The Devils

And again, help from a feline is appreciated. Here, I'm asking Hooker if I should have either three or four exorcism scenes, with the last causing some massive chaos so Act One will have a real big finale . . .
Hooker Helps Write the Script

And every day, in the late afternoon, I take a break from the script work and take a walk. It helps me get up and DO this if I take the camera and think of it as "Picture Time," so I've been getting some nice images of the Gravesend/Bensonhurst/Sheepshead Bay area in which we live. It's not Art, but it keeps my eyes engaged, energized, and happy.

Sometimes I shoot because I like the light:
Do Not Enter Sky

(above, Avenue R; below, Avenue S)
Avenue S Sunset

I've always been fond of the contrast between fading natural light and rising artificial light:
Light & Furniture

And sometimes I'm just documenting the features of the neighborhood that I like. Such as the actual still-operating porno theatre attended by some of the Orthodox Jewish gentlemen in the neighborhood, across from the Kosher candy store with the unfortunate typography (I think it's supposed to be "Kandi KING," but the candy piece standing in for the final "I" makes me think the place has something to do with rampaging giant apes):
Kandy Kong & Porn Cinema

This one below used to be the best hardware store within walking distance of home. Berit used to get lots of supplies, and found many other useful items, for our shows here. One night we drove past and it was surrounded by fire trucks, with huge flames and clouds of black smoke pouring from the roof and every crack. The next day they had the sign up on the smoldering building (the NEXT DAY, a PROFESSIONALLY-PRINTED sign! that's industry!) saying they be back, but that was at least 2 years ago, so I don't think we'll see them again.
Mikveh On Premises

We also were, at first, a little weirded out by the "MIKVEH ON PREMISES" sign. At a HARDWARE store? I've since seen the same sign at a hardware store up on 18th Avenue, and that's a much less Orthodox neighborhood than ours, but really?

I guess if you're out, and you need a mikveh, hey, why not? Hardware Store. Sure.

So work proceeds. I may have gotten the lucky break I was looking for in writing the Wedding when we stayed in Mattapoissett with Berit's parents for a night on the way back from Maine. They had gotten a kinda-cheesy, but still actually helpful, book from the library that was to help brides prepare for their wedding, and some of the text, and Berit's reactions to it, were nicely theatrical. Something I can use.

And the music keeps playing while I work. When I work in giant blocks of time for many days in a row, I like to listen to HUGE playlists containing the entire (or almost-entire) recorded work of a favorite artist, in chronological order or recording -- for some reason, it keeps me going and gives me . . . continuity?

Thus far, I've recently made it the complete works of Bob Dylan, Leonard Cohen (with a break at 1979 for The Monkees; there's only SO much Cohen one can take in a row), and we're currently up to 1985 with The Rolling Stones (and THIS is a depressing playlist, ultimately, but I'm determined to go all the way to the bitter end). Berit is VERY patient. Maybe next I'll go for The Velvet Underground, which will be much kinder to her (as long as it's not Beefheart, Zappa, The Residents, or Elvis Costello, she should be fine).

But right now, a break from the decline of the Glimmer Twins to do a Random Ten from the 25,435 on the iPod, with associated links, where available:

1. "Blue Law" - Filth - Split 7" EP
2. "Boomada" - Les Baxter & His Orchestra - Swing For A Crime
3. "Let's Find Out" - Armando Trovaioli (feat. Isabel Bond) - Beat at Cinecittà Vol.3
4. "Dirty Love" - Mandre - Mandre
5. "Beautiful New Born Child" - Eric Burdon & War - The Black-Man's Burdon
6. "Pat's Song" - The Peppermint Trolley Company - Fading Yellow volume 7
7. "Baby Blue" - The Groop - Woman You're Breaking Me
8. "Ando Meio Desligado" - Os Mutantes - A Divina Comédia Ou Ando Meio Desligado
9. "Guess Things Happen That Way" - Johnny Cash - The Complete Sun Singles: Volume 3
10. "Almost Black, Pt. 1" - James White & The Blacks - Off White

You already got some cat photos for today, but here's another of a crazed Hooker trying to eat his own tail in Berit's lap:
Berit & Crazyball

Okay, back to work. Now I have to go through the Aldous Huxley Devils of Loudon book pulling out anything I want to use in the show that Whiting didn't use in his play or Russell in the movie.


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