Snow Day

Feb. 12th, 2008 11:27 pm
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A stay in and work at home kinda day.

I got as much done as I could on the four Gemini CollisionWorks shows for June-July-August as I could, emailing and calling the actors already in the cast, the ones who were still debating, and new ones I had to ask for the first time.

I didn't even realize what it was like outside for quite some time . . .

Snow Out the Front Door

That's right outside the front of our building, and this is looking down Avenue S . . .

Snow on Avenue S

Hmmn. Now I wish I'd uploaded some of the other photos I took instead - these ones looked best when they were REAL BIG on the screen, some of the others looked good this small.

Moni was interested in the big puffy white things falling out of the sky, too . . .

Moni Looks at the Snow

So, Berit stayed in and worked on some props for Cat's Cradle - two copies of a book written by one of the characters, and vanity published (in the 1960s):

San Lorenzo books

Berit has fun making up little details the audience will never see, but that the actors may find amusing . . .

Book Back Detail

And, wait, who's this getting in the way again? Why it's Moni, of course, as always jumping on the work desk and searching for attention when one is trying to accomplish other things . . .

Books with Moni

More tomorrow on other shows. We're sitting back tonight and rewatching Peter Greenaway's The Falls, an endless catalogue of inspirational ideas.

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Once again, beginning to run out of good photos - we returned the camera we borrowed from Robert Honeywell, and now I'm just going through everything we shot while we had it.

Here's Hooker and Moni in one of their temporary detentes over the currently favorited chair for each of them:

H&M Agree to Share

And Moni on the identical chair across the room, where she can be close to Mommy-Berit's normal position:

Moni Pretty on Chair

Meanwhile, back in the bedroom, I take a nap and my little buddy joins me to remind me who rules my sleeptime:

Hooker Rules Papa's Nap

And congrats to our great friends, regular catsitters, and cast members of Ian W. Hill's Hamlet, Christiaan Koop and Bryan Enk on the acquisition of their new feline buddy, Dharma!

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Didn't have a chance to upload and share these shots till this morning.

Hooker was the first cat we got, in 2001. He bonded immediately with Berit, and wouldn't leave her alone - I had a day job at that point, so she was at home with him far more often.

Two years later, we got Simone, and I no longer had the day job. Moni latched onto Berit, and completely claimed her (still, she follows her around the apartment, constantly demands attention, etc.). Hooker moved his primary affections over to me.

They're both really lovey, to the point of annoyance - especially after we were gone for a month last Summer. Since we got back then, they won't leave us alone, EVER. Well, maybe for an hour here and there.

To the point of annoyance, yes, but not quite there.

Moni spends time with Berit on the couch:

Berit & Simone

Hooker wants it known that he should be more important to me than the computer:

Forehead Mooshing

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Greetings from the much chillier climes of Portland, ME. I did a whole Random Ten entry this morning, spending my usual time annotating somewhat, but then lost it in a silly computer glitch. So, I'm not going to rewrite it, but here's what was played for me with my morning coffee:

1. "Penetration" - The Stooges - Raw Power
2. "Hot One" - Shudder to Think - Velvet Goldmine soundtrack
3. "Sweet Jane (early version)" - The Velvet Underground - Loaded (fully loaded edition)
4. "Limbo" - Throwing Muses - Limbo
5. "One Rose That I Mean" - Captain Beefheart & His Magic Band - Lick My Decals Off, Baby
6. "The Grand Duel (Parte Prima)" - Luis Bacalov - Kill Bill vol. 1
7. "Everlasting Joy" - Tripsichord Music Box - Tripsichord Music Box
8. "The Continental" - Prince & The New Power Generation - O(+>
9. "Baby It's Love" - The Libarettos - Oceanic Odyssey Volume 12
10. "Boys" - The Beatles - Please Please Me

And now, with my evening (decaf) coffee, another set from out of the 21,153 in the stuffed little device, with some comments:

1. "Jump Monk" - various artists - Weird Nightmare: Meditations on Mingus

Bright jazz dissonance with a great beat.

2. "It Came Upon a Midnight Clear" - Johnny Cash - Man in Black 1963-69

I have a huge amount of Cash now, more than I need, and this is one of the ones I don't need. Will go soon.

3. "I'm a Steady Rollin' Man" - Robert Johnson - The Complete Recordings

Never gets old.

4. "Louie Louie" - The Kingsmen - The Louie Louie Files

Perfection, and even if the words are difficult to make out, the song as a whole is comprehensible at any speed.

5. "When You're Hot, You're Hot" - Jerry Reed - Wacky Favorites

Novelty record. Fun enough to keep.

6. "Trusting Mr. Jones" - The Hitmakers - Those Clasic Golden Years 07

Good god. Some kind of British snotty pop-psychedelia inspired a bit by Dylan's "Ballad of a Thin Man" (in the "Mr. Jones" characterization). Wonderfully lovely in its cheesiness.

7. "Bring Him Back" - Dusty Springfield - Dusty Volume 2

Good song, great singer, terrific recording.

8. "The Green Door" - Jim Lowe - Back to the 50s 01

More novelty, this one a bit more of a classic.

9. "Ain't Gonna Eat Out My Heart" - The Puppets - Girls in the Garage vol. 1

Oh, cool . . . great nasty all-girl garage band. Bit of a Shangri-Las toughness to them. An answer to the much more prevalent and very similar snide songs from the boys in the garage from the same time.

10. "I Told Those Little White Lies" - The Painted Ship - Back from the Grave 8

Like this one, except unlike the norm, where the guy is complaining about the girl's bad treatment of him and telling her to go away, here he's crowing about his bad treatment of her (supposedly in retaliation against her actions, but he sounds too pleased about the whole thing).

Meanwhile, back in Brooklyn:

Moni on Wood

Moni wonders why I am not her Mommy, and Hooker has his 15th nap of the day:

Hooker Naps Some More

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I think maybe I should just take a brand new photo of each of the two kitties every Friday to post. Watch them grow up, as much as you can see adult cats grow up.

Here, Hooker looks up at Berit with love, or at least jealousy, as Berit's holding Moni in her arms just out of frame:

And here I try to get a nice photo of Moni on my lap, as she keeps turning around and looking away, and I only get her face when I drop the camera strap from my hand, and she sees a potential toy to kill:

More about Ian W. Hill's Hamlet soon. All seems to be going well, if at a tiring pace.

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In a rush right now to get myself together and leave Maine, so I can get home at a reasonable mid-afternoon time, rest a bit, and get myself together again to go into Manhattan for the second reading of Ian W. Hill's Hamlet tonight with the (almost) full cast (we're down one due to a schedule error, unfortunately).

So while I have the needed cup of coffee, and before I do the last little jobs around the house I promised my mom I'd do, here's a couple of cats, and a few songs.

Hooker, Floppy Ear and Big Whiskers

Hooker, and his Floppy Ear, approve. And meanwhile, back in the iPod . . .

1. "Things You Only Know If You Don't Drive" - The Amateurs - download

Nice alt-rock country-tinged pop song. Must of got this from some site where I'm downloading lots of current (?) music in a vague attempt to have some sense of surfing the zeitgeist.

2. "So Many Roads, So Many Trains" - Otis Rush - Living the Blues: Blues Masters

Beautiful, in a distant, recorded across a big empty room, way.

3. "Bumble Bee '65" - The Motions - Wavy Gravy - For Adult Enthusiasts Only

Preceded on this record (and track) with a radio ad for an exploitation film called Pickup on 101 "starring Leslie Warren, Jack Albertson, and Martin Sheen!" Gotta find that film someday. "She looks easy but she's seen and done it all!" "Going . . . my way?"

Then a nasty fast guitar instrumental, with vague "Misirlou" tendencies. I think I have the group's earlier version of this somewhere, too. Guess it was the only song of theirs to make it.

4. "Bedazzled" - Bongwater - The Power of Pussy

Ann Magnuson and Kramer cover the Dudley Moore classic from the film of the same title (yes I know Peter Cook performed it in the film, Moore wrote it).

I had dreamed of covering this on my 4-track for years when I heard this version, and decided "It's been done." Especially as Magnuson does it in the same faux-German accent I had been planning on using.

5. "Ebb Tide" - The Platters - The Magic Touch: An Anthology

Great version of the standard. Obviously late Platters - a clean, 60s-sounding, stereo recording - and almost a little syrupy in the arrangement, but not quite, but the vocals are magnificent! The Platters should be remembered for more than the one or two "big" hits they had. They were special.

6. "Death Walks in High Heels" - Jerry Van Rooyen - At 250 MPH

Slick, spy movie upbeat jazz, from a collection of European (German, specifically?) movie music of the 60s by Van Rooyen, who I don't know otherwise. Much more jazz than pop/lounge based, as most other low-budget spy movie music of the time was. Real nice drum and trumpet solos. Pretty classy, really.

7. "Year of the Parrot" - Primus - Tales from the Punchbowl

And in another universe, 1990s spiky, odd altrock from this power trio, heavily influenced by The Residents, Captain Beefheart, and King Crimson (maybe more precisely by Tony Levin) but making pop music you can groove and dance to.

8. "Shub-a-dooe" - The Peter Thomas Sound Orchestra - Raumpatrouille

What the HELL is this track? Oh, this is great! Also from a collection of a composer's 60s movie soundtracks. It's like a sweet lullaby of nonsense lyrics sung by a jazz-voiced man over a syrupy string arrangement with a roller-rink organ way up front.

Oh, I HAVE to use this somewhere!

9. "Midway Down" - The Creation - How Does It Feel To Feel?

More cool, snotty late-60s "heavy" psychedelic rock that I found in researching the music for Temptation. I used a song by these guys in the show, but I like the whole album. It's kind of typical, but better than most. The lyrics would probably get on my nerves if I bothered to really try to hear what they're saying.

Very poppy "la-la" chorus that would not be out of place, songwise, with The Archies or The Monkees. Helps leven the attempted "heaviness."

10. "Rammstein (edit)" - Rammstein - Lost Highway

A little something from a Lynch soundtrack. Heavy, Laibach-sounding German rock with intoning bass vocalist. Works to provide memories of this, a favorite film.

And also then to remind me I have to be on the highway this dreary, overcast morning myself.

But waiting at home for me . . .

H&M, Standard Attitudes

As well as Berit, who would probably prefer no photo of her here. So none. So, more than worth it driving home now.

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Well, here I am in Portland, missing my cats.

So, I'll check out some of the pictures I took shortly before leaving, to remind me of some of the familiar scenes of home . . .

Hooker, ECU

Aaah! Yeah, like this one, which is pretty much the first thing I see every morning. The photo comes from trying to take a "nice" picture while he was in a "nice" pose when he suddenly became interested in the camera noise.

Moni Relaxes

And of course Moni, who will lie on any shirt of Berit's left around.

Hooker Cleans Himself

This, blurred and all, is here to remind me of Hooker's nice belly fur.

H&M Curl Up with a Good Book

And here's why these two are so perfect for Berit's and my home - they like to curl up with a good book. Especially when I'm trying to read it.

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Well, we finally borrowed a camera (thanks, RH!) and got some new shots of the kitties, though none that really show off poor Hooker's new deformed (but cute) left ear.

In any case, the best of what we have thus far:

Moni Is Adorable

Moni wonders what I'm doing, and if she should kill the wrist-strap dangling from the camera.

Sleepy Boy

At rest between crazy periods, newly crumpled ear somewhat visible.

Moni Loves Sleepy Mommy

This is a normal position for hours every morning before Berit gets up. Sometimes, this position is accompanied by kneading of the front paws. Berit is a heavy sleeper.

Hooker and Berit, Happy

Yesterday, Hooker was being especially lovey and sweet with Berit for a while. They were both very happy about this.

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Well, I'll be borrowing a digital camera from someone soon, as I need to document something else for sure (post coming up on that), so maybe I'll have some new and better photos of the fuzzythings by next week.

In the meantime, I'm cleaning out the old folders and files . . .

Here they are, full of ennui, trying to figure out what to do next . . .
H&M Look Bored

And more cute boredom . . .
H&M on the Bed, again

Well, he may be fine with that, but she's gonna go DO something . . .
H&M  in Wheelchair, again


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