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Openings coming up at The Brick . . .

This Friday, Michael Gardner's acclaimed production of Notes from Underground (previously done in two LES spaces years ago) opens - follow the link for more details.

We keep it legal and on the up-and-up at The Brick -- here, co-founder/co-artistic director of the space (and star of Notes) Robert Honeywell applies fireproofing solution to an important prop . . .

Robert Fireproofs

Behind him is the large wall that has been built (by good ol' Art Wallace) towards what would normally be the rear of the stage - basically, right around where the back curtains usually are. This play will take place entirely in this small area, with the audience entering by going up and down seemingly rickety stairs and across a tight passage on platforms. Nice.

The show has always been popular, and there is limited and uncomfortable seating available, so get your tickets now!

Coming up on Saturday, Episode 4 of Bryan Enk and Matt Gray's ongoing monthly Penny Dreadful saga, "Battlin' Bob Ford: Pugilist from the Future!"

Adam Swiderski makes his directorial debut with this episode, and from what I saw at a runthru on Sunday, has done a cracking good job of it. Once again, I'm lighting the thing.

The problem there is . . . we're doing this is the same small walled-off area that Notes is in - but with actual (somewhat) comfortable chairs in there - which is not set up for stage lighting, as Notes is done entirely with practicals. Okay, fine, it's easy enough to hang and cable the lights and get them where I need - since I've always had to work with the house plot or another setup on the other episodes, it actually means I'll have real control over the light for the first time on Penny.

Unfortunately, with the wall and set where it is, it means that there's no way for Berit, operating the tech, to actually see the show. Not a bit of it. Hopefully, all cues can be taken off the dialogue. Even if I put the board on the extension cables, it still won't make it near the stage (and then we'd have to rig something special with the sound, too). We'll probably have to work out some way to actually call the show - like in a real theatre! (ha. ha.) - instead of our normal routine. I've been considering an ingenious system of mirrors. Probably we'll just hook up a video monitor, which always winds up barely working right, with the camera always being in a place to not pick up the visual cues. {sigh} Great.

For those not yet following the Penny Dreadful saga, as always, the synopses and videos of the previous episodes are online. Episode 3, "The Great Switcheroo," is now up HERE. As always, if you're going to watch the video, don't read the synopsis - it's complete and gives away everything. If you're coming to a new episode and haven't seen any of the others, and don't have time for the videos, THEN read the synopses.

I am personally really looking forward to directing Episode 5 in the Penny Dreadful saga. I have no idea what the plot of it is yet - the script isn't finished and I haven't seen a word of it; I will apparently be given a final copy of it at the Episode 4 performance. I've been given a list of characters I will need to cast, though (William Randolph Hearst? Who the hell can I get for that?), and this promotional illustration:

Penny Dreadful #5

. . . which DOES fill me with delight, I must say. At least, having seen a run of Episode 4 now, I know who the "Deb of Destruction" is.

And at some point I will be acting in one of these shows too - Bryan and Matt are apparently still arguing over whether I will be playing George Westinghouse or Admiral Byrd -- or was it Admiral Perry? I thought that's what they said, but it doesn't make sense with the timeline of the show, unless they're doing a flashback of 50 years . . . which is entirely possible -- but wait, Byrd would have been really young at the time of the script. What the hell Admiral were they talking about? Waitaminit, I think they meant Robert Peary. That makes more sense.

Today, we'll be driving around in the rain getting more props for the UTC#61 shows. Also, some people have emailed and called back on my four shows - some are in, some are out - more casting to do there . . .


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