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So, Harry in Love: A Manic Vaudeville and Spell have opened and had two shows each. The third Gemini CollisionWorks show for the month of August opens the day after tomorrow. Actually tomorrow, now as I write this.

The postcards are on the way, and will be at The Brick late tomorrow or early the next day.

Here's the card and the promo announcement:

EVERYTHING MUST GO - postcard front
EVERYTHING MUST GO - postcard reverse

Opening TOMORROW, August 6 -
the third and final in the trio of August 2008 productions
from Gemini CollisionWorks at The Brick:

The Brick Theater, Inc.
a Gemini CollisionWorks production of

Everything Must Go

a new play in dance and speeches

created by Ian W. Hill
assisted by Berit Johnson

A play in dance and fragmented businesspeak. A day in the life of 11 people working in an advertising agency as they toil on a major new automobile account, interspersed with backbiting, backstabbing, coffee breaks, office romances, motivational lectures, afternoon slumps, and a Mephistophelian boss who has his eye on a beautiful female Faust of an intern.

The day is comprised of endless awful business jargon interspersed with outbreaks of the musical-theatre inner life of the characters to a bizarre mix of musical styles and artists from the 1920s to the present.

Everything Must Go - subtitled (Invisible Republic #2) - is a constantly shifting dance-theatre piece in which anything that matters must have a price, anyone is corruptible, and everything must go.

Everything Must Go (Invisible Republic #2)
is performed and choreographed by
Gyda Arber, David Arthur Bachrach*, Becky Byers, Patrick Cann,
Maggie Cino, Tory Dube, Sarah Engelke*, Ian W. Hill,
Dina Rose*, Ariana Seigel, and Julia Sun.

The Brick
575 Metropolitan Avenue, Williamsburg, Brooklyn 11211
½ a block from the Lorimer stop of the L Train
or Metropolitan-Grand stop of the G Train

August 6, 9, 13, 15, 16, 21, and 23 at 8.00 pm
August 17 at 4.00 pm

approximately 95 minutes with no intermission

All tickets $15.00

Tickets available at the door or through
(212-352-3101 or toll-free: 1-866-811-4111)

*appears courtesy of Actors Equity Association

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Up with a bit of sorta insomnia, but about to try and get some more sleep. Then there's more writing to do in the morning before going off to a marathon Spell rehearsal today where we work at putting the whole damned thing together as best we can.

In the meantime, however, the postcards are on the way here for the first two shows. We'll get them sometime Monday-Wednesday, I guess (I don't entirely know how days are counted on this with a weekend in the middle).

Here are the designs by Berit and I, accomplished by Berit (though I went and redid the Harry in Love back as Berit had done it in a way that wouldn't allow for mailing labels/stamps - I know it's probably not necessary in this day and age, most people use the cards just to hand out, emailing info to everyone else, but still, it's always good to leave the cast the option of doing an actual mailing if they like).

Harry in Love, front and reverse:

HARRY IN LOVE - postcard front
HARRY IN LOVE - postcard reverse

And Spell:

SPELL - postcard front
SPELL - postcard reverse

Back to bed. Or at least, at this hour, couch.

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Lots of emails back and forth between Berit and I as she finalized the postcard.

I'm very happy with how it turned out. I won't post another version of the front, but the final version - which may be the same as the last version I linked to, I'm not sure, is HERE.

Here's the final for the back:

Ian W. Hill's Hamlet - postcard back

4x6". Glossy on both sides. Let's see how fast we get them. Unfortunately, it'll probably be Monday . . .

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Now in Maine.

I'm getting caught up on tons of emails I missed getting the last two days, and Berit is sending me revisions of the card front and back to check out.

She's fixed the card front a bit from its appearance in my last post, making the text less "computery," and it can be seen HERE.

She's been working on the card back now, and it's a pain with all the text and stuff that needs to go on there, but she's working it out. I'll post that once we have a finished version, as I should have done with the front (I was just excited to see it and share it).

Here's another version of the "card front" image, framed differently to be used for promotional purposes, etc.:

Hamlet Promo Image


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